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IBM is a registered trademark of IBM, and we promise to never forget .....

International Business Machines Corporation (IBM, or colloquially, Big Blue) has registered and used many versions of their trademarks and logo over the last 100 or so years with little confusion as to who IBM was or is. All images presented here, along with all references to IBM Logos, Collectables and Memorabilia are used descriptively! This site and its contents, are not in any way connected to, or endorsed in any way by, the Itty-Bitty-Machine-company, its agents or even it's detractors. These mutterings have been compiled by an old Geek who has an appreciation for IBMcollectables and loves to share a good story or three. Consider this my obligatory "for the record" disclaimer - Bob Bradlee your host and Mutterer.
This is a work in progress, comments and suggestions are welcome. We are here to foster the collecting of IBMcollectables. It is through the sharing of information and experiences regarding this fascinating subject, that we will educate future generations.

My spelling tends to be bad, and my typing is not much better. I will strive to address errors and omissions pointed out by those who have a better grasp of the language or subject than I :)

I can be best be contacted by e-mail. If I am not off lost chasing some missing links or deep in a project, I will get right back to you ASAP. I do make it a point to answer my e-mail, so feel free to rattle my cage a second time, if I don't get back to you! Sometimes the good stuff gets lost in the spam traps the first time around. Bob@IBMcollectables.com

This story starts here.
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The Big Iron Holocaust
Turning Big Iron to Gold.

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Several have asked, just how is it that I can place perfectily timmed ebay bids. Always snipeing in the last 5 to 10 seconds of the targeted auction. Bidnapper has been my bidding partner for quite some time.

Dateline March 2009

In an attempt to contact and communicate with more people interested in IBMcollectables I have created an IBMcollector user account on Twitter

Dateline April 2008

Wow spring already! At long last I have moved this website to a (new to me) Apache server running on a True Blue IBM xSeries eServer.

Dateline Feb 2008

I hope to get some time this winter to get this website updated a bit. But, in the mean time I have set up a moderated Frappr Map so that IBM collectors from around the world can make their mark and be counted, It will be interesting to see who finds gets added in the first round. Again this is a moderated map so there will be a delay before others see your location pin and shoutouts, but dont let that slow you down. Place your pin and post a shoutout and/or picture to informe others to your collecting interests..

Dateline August 2007

Through the generosity of a friend of a friend who is quickly becoming a new friend, I expect the current ebay activities to produce sufficient funds to keep this project alive and hosted on the new system sometime this fall. Thank Dave and David.

I am currently asisting in the distribution of a small collection that once was a service bureau here in Columbus Ohio by feeding it all into the ebay machine.

It is my goal to keep as much of the collectable stuff out of the hands of the scrapper as I can. I know full well what is left in the end goes to the recycler and be lost to the world of collecting. The first batch I put on ebay a few days back was some unit record and System 360 documentation. I followed that with the first of several 604 and 057 programming panels and some more documentation. An 129 keypunch leads off a lot of some classic punch card memorabilia is yet to be to be listed.

There will be an auction on the running system, a 4331 cpu with an assortment of I/O tape/disk and printer, configured as a running system later in the month.

For contractual reasons all sales will be handled on ebay using the ebay checkout system. If you are interested in bidding on the system, or the other disk or tape drives please make contact with me, it likely may be a private auction.

Dateline March 2007

To quote a local Insurance company, "sometimes life comes at you fast!" Even though my collecting has continued over the last year or so at a reduced rate, I have neglected updating the gallery and the website for some time now.
My plan to build a server, if not new at least True Blue, to replace the old Compaq that has been running things so far, keep getting delayed. My plan was/is to convert the IBMcollectables website and gallery over to a new software base along with the hardware upgrade. So every time I go to update the gallery, I end up asking myself, why post new stuff into the old system that will have to be converted or more likely reentered into the new system? Why not wait till the new system is ready and do it once ?
Why ... Because it may be a year before that happens! but I sure hope not! But when life comes at you fast all you can do is peddle as fast as you can.

Dateline June 2006

For the last 25+ years I have been hording a 360/65 front panel from the "Turning Big Iron into Gold weekend". I remember commenting to my boss and co-workers at the time, that separating me from this treasure would be like pulling teeth. I have dragged it around the country with me for many years. Although I will always have long term plans and big ideas for it, alas I have reached a point in my life where I need a new set of teeth !

With great thought and trepidation, I placed it for sale on ebay to help offset the up front costs of getting a healthy jaw ready for Doc at instantdentalimplants.com to do his magic to complete this full dental makeover. I am happy to say, so far the plan has worked as planned. I did in fact have all my teeth removed this month as my next step in this complete dental makeover. I will be muttering about the process and my fondness for Dragon's ability to adapt to my Gabby Hays immitation... I digress....

Having now been in close contact with the winning bidder of the 360/65 console on ebay, He has indicated a willingness to contribute some pictures, of what sounds to be a very nice collection, to the IBM-Collectables Gallery sometime later this summer. I am sure it has found a good home with a fellow collector.

We are looking at having some "replacement" 360/370 console replacement lamps molded to allow LED's to be used to replace the lamps in 360/370 sequenced displays. Anyone interested in this project please contact me if you wish your requirements to be concidered for inclusion in the first run's estimates.

Dateline May 15 2006:

It is with great pleasure that my family and I were able to attended the vintage computer Festival in Wall Township, New Jersey this past weekend. During a pre-arrange session on the veranda of the old Marconi Hotel, located at Camp Evans, New Jersey, the IBM System 3 Special Interest Group was formed. Full Story ....

Gallery Last updated: May 15 2006

While I have not had a lot of time lately, I have attempted to keep the sold on eBay area updated, Particularly in the area of early tube computing modules. I hoped to be expanding my mutterings on this subject in the near future.

Recient additions to the gallery include is a rare ThirteenStripe IBM MeAns SERVICE button. With the assistance of Manfred a German IBM pin collector, I have discovered that I had picked up a rare and previously unlisted french pin, on ebay on a very loose connection to the french fifteen stripe logo.
Manfred has come up with several fine examples of ThirteenStripe IBM Pins and needles currently featured in a muttering in the gallery.

Much of my efforts towards getting the IBM-Collectables Gallery on line has been rewarded. I am happy to welcome The Whittemore Collection and The Stegeman collection to the Gallery. Both Henk and Donnald have begun to upload items. The Sold on Ebay gallery continues to evolve. Hopefully we can talk a few more collectors into joining the project and begin uploading their hot ebay picks, personal items and stories.

IBM-Collectables.com Gallery:

I have reciently aquired a set of IBM System/38 Logic cards. I need help identifying. I have put them into an open gallery with comments enabled on each item, hopeing several of you knowledgeable in 38's will fill me in on what they are. Concidering the total lack of System 38 parts on ebay this year I may list them in the near future.

Mutterings from the Cave:

The IBMcollectables story starts here with an overview of IBM Collectability.
From the Block letter logo introduced in 1954 to the formal adoption of the Modern EightStripe IBM logo the IBM logo was and still is the definitive identifier for the IBMcollectable. Tracing the roots of the IBM ThirteenStriper lead me to the French Fifteen-Striper. The IBM registrations on record at the United States Patent and Trademark Office as usual, proved to be a definitive source of information.

Skyrocketing Gold prices along with Mores Law brought rise to, The Big Iron Holocaust, Turning Big Iron to Gold. when many if not most of the early IBM computers were lost to scrap dealers. At the same time the IBM System 370's market was at its peak, which brings me to a small piece of my story "How, I ended up Working on IBM Big Iron Computers and Gee Daddy what did you do during the Computer wars a story of IBM vs Amdahl in Canada, and along comes the Circle Jerks! Sorry, I should not spoil the story for you :)

As we move on in life, we bring our collections of memories and memorabilia, along with us forward in time until either we, or our descendents, end up putting it all on ebay:) The fact is, ebay provides a globally accessible window to the world of IBM-Collectables. This global visibility is to the benefit of both the buyer and sellers alike. With the primary problem being how to separate the wheat from the chaff. I have provided several different affiliate links using different filtering criteria for you. Bookmark this IBMcollectables. affiliate links and use them as your starting point. We need to inflate our user hit stats with all the affiliates. So by all means Bid Early Bid Often :)

In the process of researching IBMcollectables, I have came across numerous links of interest, The Big Iron related Links page needs updating badly (I will do it soon I promise).

Here are some open questions .....

Thirteen Stripe Logo I am looking for good examples of the IBM ThirteenStriper. If anyone has a collection of IBM Ad's and they would like to contribute images of this rare thirteen stripe logo to the gallery, please contact me. bob(at)IBMcollectables.com

1950's Tubeless Logic Modual

What is this 1950's tubless logic plugin?

I purchased it ebay along with the pictured 1950's vintage Vacuum Tube Logic plugin. I can only guess as to the usefulness of the tubeless plugin. It is NOT a tube extender because there is no tube socket on the other end. My guess is it is a terminator or a "Constant" of some sort ?
I have now been told that IBM never used round bases, now to figure out who did.

Lew's Coolers

 Lew's Coolers ?

Ok what are these ? Anyone know what they are from? A fellow pack-rat from the left coast saved these from a big system that was scrapped. He pulled them from the pile before they went to the ovens, thinking that they would make a nice solar project. They were alot of them, mounted vertically on the inside of the doors of a very large computer, He thinks it was an IBM, but is not sure.
As described these coolers were used to climate control a big computer in a nasty environment. The big question is what computer and what environment. There is circumstantial reasons to think this system may have been brought back from "TheNam" or it was built to run in a tent someplace !

The 15 Stripe Logo

And then there was the French FifteenStriper ...

In 1965, IBM set up one of its EMEA large systems production facility in Montpellier France.... Associated with the announcement of this fact, I found this, the one and as far as I can tell the only example of a 15 stripe IBM logo still in use on the Internet. The fact it also includes the "@" and the TM Trademark symbol is beyond explanation. Does anyone has an example of the FifteenStriper "in use" ?

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All references to IBM and its registered trademarks are used descriptively, in good faith to describe the products and publications produced by IBM in the past and to simply tell this story. All usage here is based on the Fair Use Doctrine. The remaining mutterings are Copyright 2006 R.C.Bradlee all rights reserved :)
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