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Highlight for Album: Lew's Coolers
Album: Lew's Coolers

What are they?
Where are the from ?
... read more
Last change: 02/17/07
Contains: 3 items

Highlight for Album: Tubeless-plugin
Album: Tubeless-plugin

Please help me identify this tubeless plugin that was purchased along with this 50's vintage Vacuum tube logic modual.

Got any clue?
Last change: 02/17/07
Contains: 1 item

Highlight for Album: 360 TSS/67 Masthead
Album: 360 TSS/67 Masthead

This rare Thirteen Stripe masthead was saved from the ovens when the TSS/360 it sat on was scrapped for its gold content. Comments about the TSS are welcome in this gallery.
Last change: 02/17/07
Contains: 1 item*

Highlight for Album: S-38 Logic Cards
Album: S-38 Logic Cards

Play name that card, This album contains what I believe to be a full set of IBM System 38 logic cards (with a few spares) If these do not bring up memories for you then go look at the pins or mastheads :)
Last change: 08/06/08
Contains: 12 items*

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