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Highlight for Album: IBMcollectables that has been found on ebay...
IBMcollectables that has been found on ebay...

This gallery features IBMcollectables listed and sold on eBay.

Make no mistake about it, these items are pictured along with an often abbreviated copy of the original auction descriptions. All of which have been cut and pasted directly from listings I have found and watched on eBay. Auction detail and Personal information has been sanitized. In most cases the auction prices given have been generalized often to include fixed shipping costs when specified.

The contents of this gallery leaves little question that the collecting of rare and vintage IBMcollectables is becoming a popular hobby, with a number of well healed collectors and investors getting into the bidding on some items.

Last changed on 04/02/08. This album contains 994 items.
360/370 Mastheads & Model Plates
CE - FE Tools
Collectibles, Items intended to be collected
Computing Hardware
Hats, T-Shirts and such
Items, never intended to be Collected
Misc. Program & Data Storage
Pen, Pencil and Paper
Postcards and Paper Collectables
Print Advertising
The International Brotherhood of Magicians
1974 IBM System 3 Computer Console
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Highlight for Album: New to IBMcollectables ? Start here !
New to IBMcollectables ? Start here !

It is my hope that this area will evolve into a FAQ on the subjects of IBMcollectables or as close as can be created within the limits of the Gallery format. For now I will use it as a blog area on the subject of what is new in the field of IBMcollectables.

If you have already not done so. Please click on the Register link in the upper right hand corner of this screen now! Access to full size images and the ability to leave comments is limited to registered users.

A working email address is all that is required for registration. This simple verification of human level communications helps to keep the spiders, robots, and hopefully the spammers out.

Last changed on 08/22/08. This album contains 76 items.
Identification Help Wanted, make that needed !
The Rules ... and general info about the gallery.
Gallery Search Function
Login and Registration
IBM Collectables and memorabilia from SVR Data
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Highlight for Album: Mutterings and Private Collections
Mutterings and Private Collections

This gallery contains Member maintained albums and some related Mutterings.

Private collectors are invited to establish galleries featuring their collections in this area. Please contact me Bob(at)IBMcollectables(dot)com to set up an album for your collection or upload and posting rights.

The items in these albums are maintained by contributing members. As this gallery evolves Items will be cataloged by both category and by collection.

Last changed on 08/19/08. This album contains 360 items.
Some of Kevin Stumpf's Stuff.
IBM System 360 Mod 70 Diaroama
DaCaveGuy's Collection
Bob Ladden's contributions to the gallery
The Stegeman Collection
Vintage Computer Festival East 3.0
The Whittemore Collection
David's System 3 mod 15D
IBM Mastheads
Comming soon, other collections :)

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