Vintage Computer Festival East 3.0  
Charter Members of System 3 Abusers Group.

Charter Members of System 3 Abusers Group.

Description : Pictured on the left is Mike Ross in front of his traviling IBM road show.
The gray haired short guy in the front is me, Bob Bradlee
Henk Stegeman pictured here right center frame, came over from Dordrecht Netherlands with his charming wife for this occasion. Henk has two Systems 3's and assisted Mike in transporting the 4 System /3X down from New York.
Pictured on the far right is David Smith of Columbus Ohio, David is the proud owner of the last IBM System 3 midframe computer in the world to
still be processing customer data in a weekly batches. Although a limited production enviroment, it still counts as comercial use of a System 3.